Crayta is a UGC-led games and creation platform built on Unreal engine, offering a powerful and accessible toolset for users to express themselves creatively in a variety of ways.

Developed by UK-based Unit 2 Games, Crayta originally launched exclusively on Google Stadia as a Stadia Pro title, later coming to Epic Games Store, and soon to Facebook Gaming.

The platform offers a vast array of detailed meshes and voxel materials for creators to build with, alongside scripting language Lua to add mechanics to their worlds. A large default selection of character outfits, emotes and other cosmetics allow players to customise their appearance and interactions, and are also added to quarterly with themed seasonal content.

Since launch, generous prize pools have been available to reward talented and successful creators, increasing over time to a current programme worth up to $200k a month. The Crayta Creators' Programme rewards new and upcoming talent as well as more experienced creators, and regular game jams and build jams off $50k prize pots and are open to all creators to test their creativity against a deadline.


Launched in 2020, Crayta's goal is to make game creation accessible to all abilities and backgrounds. Since that time, the platform has grown immensely, consistently introducing new features and content to further ease and inspire creation for users to share with the world.

The studio was acquired by Meta (formerly Facebook) in June 2021, and Crayta became part of the company's metaverse organisation later that year.


  • Our vision is to make high-quality game creation and publishing accessible to the mass market, enabling people of all experience, ability and background to make and publish their own games for a global audience.
  • Creation and play in Crayta are real-time, multiplayer, seamless experiences that allow up to 20 creators to collaborate simultaneously.
  • Players can create and publish a simple multiplayer game in as little as 15 minutes (without the need to code or use other specialised skills).
  • Advanced developers can create complex games limited only by their imagination, iterate and improve on them using Crayta's analytic dashboards. and even earn money through our Crayta Creators' Programme and Game Jams.


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Selected Articles

  • ...the developers and Crayta's creators all have bright visions for what they hope to see in the platform's future.
    Rebekah Valentine,
  • Built on Lua, the same coding architecture that birthed Roblox, Crayta has the advantage over rival creation platforms of being hosted in the cloud. This means you are able to instantly tweak your creations on one screen and see it live on another; it's a feature that impresses right away and serves as a reminder of Stadia's promise.
    Mark Delaney, GamesRadar
  • I have to say that Crayta has a promising roadmap, with continued support, updates and community standing, it can become one of the best Google Stadia titles there is.
    Jordan Campbell, Bonus Stage
  • The mission statement of making game creation accessible to all goes beyond Crayta's chosen platform. The team have gone to great lengths to truly make the game as accessible and representative as possible.
    Chris Wallace, MCV/Develop
  • Crayta's premise is to bring the power of the Unreal Engine and make it accessible to folks, regardless of their (lack of) game development experience.
    Kyle Bradshaw, 9to5Google

Crayta Comic

  • What a joy, then, to find a game tie-in that works as an individual comic and, even more surprisingly to discover that it's an intriguing first issue in a six-part mini-series. One that leaves the reader looking forward impatiently to the next installment.
    Peter Duncan, Down The Tubes
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About Unit 2 Games

Formed in 2017 and based in Leamington Spa in the UK, Unit 2 Games was founded and is run by former Radiant Worlds and Blitz Games Studios Chief Operating Officer, Richard Smithies, alongside a senior-level team many of whom have worked together for over a decade. They bring skills and experience from operating server-based, creative sandbox adventure SkySaga, and the studio is now building UGC-powered collaborative game creation and sharing platform Crayta. It has grown to over 40 staff, following several additional rounds of investment.
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