Indie Fund is closed!

The Indie Fund is now closed.

Thank you for your interest! We're now working our way through all the applications and will get back to you by the end of October.


What We're Looking For

We are looking for a small number of creative indie devs to populate the Crayta platform at launch with innovative and fun multiplayer games.

These games will not only entertain players, but also show the power and diversity of Crayta's development tools, and inspire people to create their own content.

Therefore, we don't want to prescribe what sorts of games are made. However we can provide guidance about Crayta's strengths, which should help to inform design decisions.

What is Crayta?

Crayta is a collaborative game creation and sharing platform powered by Unreal Engine 4, which is designed to give both developers and non-developers the ability to create innovative, high-quality, multiplayer games quickly and easily.

Players use a voxel-based landscape, mesh props (ie non-voxel) and Lua scripting for behaviours (the same as Garry's Mod and Roblox) - it's possible to create and share a fun, multiplayer game in as little as 15 minutes!

Our long-term vision is to enable (almost!) anyone and (almost!) everyone to create games. However, Crayta is currently designed for developers who are experienced with or have knowledge of other development tools (Unity, Unreal Engine etc.) since creating anything other than a relatively simple game still requires coding.

This video explains creation of games in Crayta for those familiar with existing development tools:

And for more in-depth information, this hour-long stream capture shows how to create a fully working multiplayer game using Crayta:

After having run closed testing for about a year with a small number of creators and players, we've recently shut that testing program to focus on development for launch. Crayta is due to launch in Q1/Q2 2020 on an exciting new platform.

Please note: this does mean that you'll be working with an unfinished game, there might be rough corners and bugs (including potentially some extra hoops to actually launch the game), but it will be relatively close to completion before you have to use it in earnest to create your games.

What You Get

Firstly, we've put aside a pot of at least £100,000 to split between a number of developers to create a game each. We are looking for a variety of different sizes of games and experiences, so we do not expect this total to be split equally between all successful applicants. Instead, when you pitch your idea to us we will ask for a ballpark figure for how much you'd be looking for (this could be in the few-hundreds or the tens-of-thousands, it's up to you to decide how much you need).

In addition, this is not a traditional “work for hire” contract where we own the game content you create - you will retain full ownership of it and have complete creative control.

How to Apply

Applications for the Indie Fund are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

We will endeavour to get back to everyone by the end of October.


When you say we'll have “complete creative control”, what do you mean by “complete”?

By this we mean you will have complete creative control within Crayta's capabilities: we're inherently character-based and multiplayer, and need to be 13+ in age rating, but aside from that we're looking for innovation as much as possible.

We need to see what your rough idea is going to be, so that it plays to our strengths to some degree while not clashing too closely with the other launch games, but aside from that our intention is to help you with QA and be ready for our launch, with no design-steering from our side.

We are a team of devs too, so we may end up providing suggestions but it's up to you what you do with that feedback.

Does it matter what size our team is or what experience we have?

Not especially - games can easily be created in Crayta by one person, or by a few people working collaboratively. Therefore, the fund will be shared between a small number of developers: we aren't looking to maintain the overheads of a 15-person studio for example! Experience-wise we're mostly just interested in seeing some completed games - any experience with Lua is a bonus but not necessary.

When will we find out if we've been selected?

We will be in contact with everyone who applies by October 2019 at the latest (and hopefully earlier!).

And when will we actually receive the funding?

We want to keep things simple on the money front: something like ⅓ on signing, ⅓ on functional game, and ⅓ on completion. We'll talk about this in more detail with individuals though as we can be more flexible if needed.

What help will we get to learn how Crayta works?

Crayta is not yet complete so you will need to bear with us on this front. We'll provide some tutorial videos, and can jump on some conference calls (if visiting our office isn't feasible). We also have some documentation and will be available on our Discord server during working hours in order to provide support.

How does Crayta support multiplayer so well?

We've recently pushed out a blog post from one of our Technical Directors, John Payne, explaining how Crayta creates online multiplayer experiences ‘out of the box'.

Crayta's not finished yet so what support will we get to work around any bugs or other blockers?

These will need to be looked at on a case by case basis – as well as supporting you we're also working towards our launch. Some of the issues you encounter will need fixing before launch, but any bugs which are more specific to your particular use-case might need to be worked around rather than solved!

Will we have fixed milestones or things we'll need to deliver at certain times?

See above – we'll work with individual parties when it comes to milestone and payment schedules but we're keen for this to be fairly light (hence looking for people who have already proven to successfully complete projects).

If we're selected, when will we be able to announce what we're working on?

We'd love to do plenty of co-promotion activities with you over the coming months, but again we'll work with individual parties on this to sort out timings that suit both of us.

What if I have other questions about the fund and submission process?

If we've failed to cover everything please drop us a mail at, and either Chris or Hannah will get back to you.