Unit 2 Games and Facebook Gaming

Unit 2 Games joins Facebook Gaming

Today is an extremely exciting day for Unit 2 Games and our whole team as we officially join the Facebook Gaming family!

As many of you know, our vision for Unit 2 Games and Crayta was to truly democratise game creation, empowering more people than ever before to make, play and share games, regardless of experience or background. This has been a long-held vision for most of our team and we've always believed in the importance of putting powerful creative expression into the hands of as many people as possible.

The Facebook Gaming team also shares those values and are every bit as excited as we are about the potential of this vision , and the talent and passion of our team. Joining forces allows us to unlock new opportunities and realise that potential to its very fullest. We can't wait to see where we can take things together.

But while we look towards a future of possibility, it's also a time to reflect. We wouldn't be here now without you, our earliest community. Your passion and loyalty from the moment we launched in July 2020 has blown us away. As the world struggled through a pandemic, you inspired us with the ways you used Crayta to come together to collaborate and share fun, unique and entertaining experiences. We've been honoured that you've chosen to spend time in our universe and we look forward to bringing you with us into the next stage too.

Above all though, I have to thank my incredible team here at U2G. Many of us have worked together for decades on a variety of projects that were all leading to this moment in different ways. Your belief and commitment has been humbling - I'm immensely proud of every single one of you and delighted that you can all share in this moment and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work.

So, what's next?

Well, for now we'll be carrying on just as normal. We'll still be bringing incredible new content and features to the game (look out for our next Battle Pass season, Mechanical Revolution, coming on June 16th!), we'll still be just as active on all our usual community channels, and the team here will remain unchanged while we plan for the future.

For you, our players and creators, this change will only serve to make your experience in Crayta better and better over the coming years. Our creators will begin to see more players in their games and more opportunities to learn from and collaborate with others, while our players will have even more games to play and enjoy, and more people to play with.

A final heartfelt thank you to everyone who has got us to this point. Here's to the next exciting chapter in the Crayta adventure.

Richard Smithies, CEO, Unit 2 Games

4th June 2021


Why did you decide to join Facebook?

We're incredibly proud of what we've achieved in the first three-and-a-bit years of Unit 2 Games, and particularly proud of the last year since we launched on Stadia, but the potential to grow the game and the community with Facebook's help is incredibly exciting. They share our vision to allow as many people as possible to make, play and share games, and it feels like we're a perfect fit for each other.

What does this mean for the future of Crayta?

Our goals for Crayta are the same as they've always been and the game will continue to be available. Our ambitious plans still exist and we're still hard at work on the third Battle Pass that will follow Mechanical Revolution later in the year.

What does this mean for the future of Unit 2 Games and its team?

Aside from being employed by Facebook now, we're all staying together as a team and will continue to do what we've always done. So you'll still see all the familiar faces on the streams and in the Discord.

How will this affect the existing community?

As we mentioned above, we'll all still be here hanging out in all our channels and making sure we're helping and supporting you all in our community. So rest assured that Russ will still be sharing his dev work on Twitch, AJ will still be dropping random memes into Discord, and Andy Sargeant will still be bringing you ace tutorials every week.

Will I still be able to make money from my games?

A central tenet of Crayta is that you're able to earn money from your successful creations. Up to now that's been via the Prize Funds, but the plan was always to open up other ways to monetise what you do. The evolution of that monetisation process might change in the future, but there's no intent to reduce or limit earning potential in any way.

Will the prize fund still be running and will the prize amounts now increase?

The existing Monthly Prize Fund will continue at the same level and under the same terms as now. As mentioned above, this might evolve in the future, either with the available amounts changing or earning methods expanding too. As always though, we'll ensure we're giving you as much warning as possible whenever the Prize Fund goalposts are about to shift so that you can adapt or enhance your games accordingly.

Will the team be growing so that you can add more features more quickly?

Additional resources will obviously mean we can boost the team too so we expect to be recruiting more people in due course. As our long-term plans evolve we'll hopefully be able to accelerate development of some of the features you're all most keen to see.

How will this change the roadmap for Crayta and will the U2G team still be in control of future development?

The team is intact and still every bit as committed to making Crayta the best it can be. We'd be foolish to assume that the roadmap won't change a bit in due course (because why would we join a team like Facebook Gaming without embracing the option of new possibilities that were closed to us before?!) but the U2G team you know and love will still be the ones at the front line of development decisions. As soon as we're able to share any new roadmap with you all then we'll certainly do so.

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